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    118 total views, 12 views today These are very interesting interpretations of the last two Schubert sonatas. Zimerman has always been what I’d call a lyrical thinker of the piano repertoire. His performances seem very well thought out and planned, yet they remain flowing and graceful. The same is true here. There are quite a few mannerisms ...
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    138 total views, 7 views today Approximately 400 thousand British, Belgian, Dutch and French soldiers were trapped in Dunkirk in May 1940. In this film we are witnessing the rescuing of the British troops. A nearly impossible task since they are constantly  being attacked from air, sea and ground. With Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan has reached new heights ...
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    942 total views, 4 views today Mum, I’m back is a 5-minute short film by Greek director Dimitris Katsimiris (his previous short-film Birthday has won a number of international awards). Tackling the sensitive topic of (trans)gender identity, the film begins by showing us a woman dressed in black, her fingers holding an old, black-and-white photograph depicting a mother ...
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    283 total views, 3 views today BR Klassik’s output lately consists of first class performances. Like its recent Haitink Mahler 3, this Mahler 5 with the Bavarian RSO and Mariss Jansons could easily gain benchmark status, alongside the recordings of Barshai, Karajan, Barbirolli and Abbado. This is not a surprise: Jansons previous recording with the Concertgebouw, only ...
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    181 total views, 6 views today There are many things to cherish in this new recording of Mendelssohn’s 3rd and 5th symphonies. The Kammerakademie Potsdam with conductor Antonello Manacorda seem to have performed these works a lot. Like their instalment of the Schubert symphonies (which rightfully received an Echo award) these performances are vivid and alert. When ...
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    114 total views, 3 views today This is an exceptional Mahler 3rd. Having compared a dozen CDs before writing this review, I can attest it displaces a lot of the suggested recordings over the years and it is definitely better played than most. Of course Haitink has recorded this work at least four times in the past ...
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